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If you are an owner of a website or someone who designs, develops and manages the website, the efficient operation of the site is the most important factor because well-performing site means more users, more profit and less expense, less resource.  Website Healthcare Center (WHC) is a total clinic for websites and provides not only general checkup reports about your site's condition but also the recommendations for the issues which are founded during the checkups. With these information and data, you can optimize your site and give the best user experience to the visitors of your site.
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We are specialists of the WEB

Obviously, we are not a bunch of doctors. We are just IT boys and girls, probably like most of you who are wondering around these pages. So why are we pretending to be doctors? We think that if some websites have an ‘illness’ which keeps them from their perfect condition, we might help by gathering all the ‘medical techniques’, that are already out there, in one place and by checking to find out what’s wrong with the website and prescribing medication.


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